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Gifted News for Teachers

Gifted News for Teachers

Gifted Cluster Teacher New State Requirements:

  • 30 clock hours of PD for year one
  • 30 clock hours of PD for year two
  • Ongoing PD as determined by Kelley Huck
  • PD must be in one of the Eight Competencies (see separate sheet)
  • PD hours accumulated from March 2015 on can be counted!!!
  • Kelley Huck has saved most sign in sheets from her PD!!!
  • One semester hour equals 30 clock hours!!! (Must be a class that hits one of the eight competencies.)
  • Say you are one of the extremely blessed teachers that have already accumulated 30 clock hours between March 2015 and today, then you don’t want to refuse to do WEPs or participate in more because you can use any extra PD clock hours toward the second 30 clock hours!!!

Past PD that can be counted:

  • Cluster Training 14 hours (Must have occurred since March of 2015)
  • WEP writing
  • Follow-up trainings with Kelley Huck-3 30 min. sessions each year
  • Menu Meetings with Corinne Wells   East-60 min.  South & West 30 min. each
  • DOK PD with Amanda
  • Ruthie Ware Math Training-2 hours
  • Battelle for Kids Modules
  • UDL

Future PD Possibilities:

  • JAVITS Modules
  • Book Studies
  • FIP Modules
  • One Collaboration per week with Kelley or Corinne on some type of ongoing PD that teachers could bank more time while implementing the strategies in their teaching
  • PD based on teacher request
  • InfOhio Professional Development Resources

              Go to

              Look under “Educators” at bottom of page


         Occur weekly throughout the school year.  Former webinars are saved under “Recordings”.  Each is one contact hour, and after listening and passing a short quiz over the content, a certificate is issued teacher’s name and stored under “My Assessments”.

    Success in Six

         Six learning modules cover the following topics: Learn to Search Effectively,  Engage Your Students With Reading Resources, Develop Your Research Toolkit, Discover High-Quality STEAM Resources,  Explore InfOhio’s Differentiation Tools, Find Free Content for your Blended or Flipped Classroom.  Modules are 3 contact hours each.